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Hello, I'm Lucy

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Lucy Cripps

Lucy Cripps

I'm a corporate copyeditor, proofreader and writer with a softspot of local business. I've crafted my Write Your Website online course so you can dive into laser-focused materials and exercises that sharpen your inner wordsmith.

Copy editor, proofreader and writer

With an MA in professional writing, BA in English lit and lang (yes, fine, and American studies — it was the 90s) and a PGCE English, it’s fair to say I’ve done my time with the theory.

In five years teaching grammar, writing and editing at Salzburg University (2010 to 2015), a decade of teaching English as a foreign language (2003 to 2013) and yonks of real-world commercial wordsmithing (since 2005), I’m pretty much loaded with practical experience, too.

You name it, I’ve written it: charity and spinal cord injury research, construction and shoes, jewellery and travel, extreme sports and airlines, Lithuanian rock lyrics and curry-sauce packaging. Where there are words, there’s a way.

My Write Your Website course condenses all I’ve learned, applied and enjoyed in digital writing since its very beginning and takes you on a journey to find your perfect written voice.


What People Say About Me

**cue heavy blushing**
Lucy is a great writer and a joy to work with. She consistently meets deadlines and often thinks outside of the box, bringing more to the project than one had originally hoped for. Not only would I hire her again for a freelance job, but I wish I could have her on staff full time.

Alison Bethel McKenzie

International Press Institute

Lucy is a genius when it comes to writing any text just the way it needs to be. And when it comes to proofreading - she has lots of patience and will do it in the most painless way possible. 😉

Karin Bock-Leitert

Executive Producer at Red Bull

It has been a great pleasure working with you and I’d like to thank you for your tireless efforts, your encompassing support and the great work you’ve done for us.

Anita Gerhardter

Wings for Life CEO

Lucy is an excellent partner for projects that require precise English translation and a composition or editing of short and long copies. She is a lot of fun working with, since she pursues the highest quality standard and a strong professional attitude. She accomplishes all tasks quickly, with strong attention to detail and always on time. I can unquestionably recommend Lucy’s services and thank her for a great collaboration within the last years. I'm looking forward to more exciting projects!

Anna Berkl

PR Manager

Best ever! It was such a pleasure working with you; you have always been happy and in a good mood, positive and 100% committed even in the difficult times.

Robert Seeger

Social Guy & Public Speaker

If you want my wordsmithery all to your self

This is what I do!
Your words represent you. I'll proofread the heck out of your grammar, spelling and punctuation, so they can get out there and do what you want them to do.
more about proofreading
Editing goes deep, deep down into clarity and consistency, organisation and flow. Stand by for ready-to-use content with your strong, credible voice.
more about editing
Strut your stuff with well-researched, engaging content. We'll work together to find the best voice for you and your audience, then leave the rest to me.
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While my name only pops up here and there, my words are very much present
Wings for life world run
Red Bull Media House
National Association of Jewellers
Mail Travel


Non-Disclosure Agreements

There comes a time when you're good enough for the big boys to come calling. But with them comes page after page of legal stuff that says you can't tell anyone you're writing for them.

It's catch-22. The better you get, the less you can shout about it.

So for your intrigue, here are the industries I write for in signed-and-sealed secret.

You can try guessing, but I'll never tell. Ever.

NDA Hotels
NDA Hotels
Hotel brands I write about but can't talk about
NDA Airlines
NDA Airlines
Soaring copy you'll never know I wrote
NDA Car Brands
NDA Car Brands
Words that scream round corners -- but you'll never know it's me behind the wheel