Living style sheet

Your style sheet or style guide is your writing bible. It’s your go-to document that lays out whether your company uses ‘you’ or ‘we’, serial commas or open punctuation, digits or written numbers. And a stack of other stuff.

With a style guide to hand, you know whatever words you put out in the big wide world will ring true and stay consistent.

In creating a style guide or style sheet, I’ll usually work on a tone of voice document, too, giving you a one-stop written branding guide, all you need in one place.

The style sheet is around four or five pages, covering

  • brand overview
  • punctuation choices
  • grammar choices
  • writing headings and sub headings
  • how to deal with numbers
  • spelling and word choices
  • cliches to avoid
  • Industry- and audience-specific terms
  • … and any other elements tailored to your company

Have a look at this example style guide to get an idea of how one can help your company, then get in touch and we can start creating your bespoke style.