Wings for life world run


My baby at Red Bull Media House was the Wings for Life World Run. I joined the core team in the February before the first edition, back in 2014, and took on editorial lead in 2015.

The international news up to June 2016 is all me, as are most of the press releases (up to June 2016) and static information pages in the news room.

Since 2017, I have focused on press releases, some of which are converted for the website.

Writing skills

  • fundraising content
  • app content
  • writing for an international audience
  • interviews
  • caption writing
  • press releases
  • newsletters


Knowledge base

  • running
  • training
  • spinal cord injury


Examples of writing



“You’ve contributed big time to grow and build the Wings for Life World Run, you gave it your voice and words – and the team your laughter and spirit! Thank you very much for that!”

“A BIG HUGE THANK YOU for your tremendous support and commitment during this outstanding journey! Thanks for all your effort and energy and power you put into the Wings for Life World Run. It is not the easiest of all projects, I know, and our demands are always high.”

“It was amazing what you edited, wrote, posted, simply did … so often in the night or on short notice. You are a huge part of the success we had!

Proofreader, copy-writer and copy-editor