The International Press Institute contacted me in 2010 to write about 20 press freedom heroes for their beautifully presented coffee-table book ‘Words of Freedom: A Tribute to 60 IPI World Press Freedom Heroes’. The book celebrates and commemorates the lengths some journalists go to defend freedom of the press, and it was a humbling, fascinating experience interviewing and researching my 20 heroes.

No longer in print, ‘Words of Freedom: A Tribute to 60 IPI World Press Freedom Heroes’ was reviewed by the Vienna Review, which commented that one of the profiles I wrote, Anna Politkovskaya,  ‘jumped out’.

After writing the commemorative book, the IPI commissioned me to edit and subedit several reports and guides for journalists worldwide:

Writing skills

  • English to English translation
  • careful use of style sheet
  • copy editing of award-winning journalists’ writing (having Sir Harold Evans give feedback on my editing was a high point!)
  • subediting very different writing styles to maintain consistency across the publication
  • research skills
  • interview skills


  • journalism
  • conflict areas
  • Palestine-Israel conflict
  • international development goals
  • language nuances

Example of copy editing

Reporter’s Guide to the Millennium Development Goals: Covering Development Commitments for 2015 and Beyond


Examples of subediting

Flags and Barriers: Essays on Reporting from Israel and Palestine: Essays by journalists from Israel and Palestine on the complex reality in which they operate


Use With Care: Glossary of Loaded Language in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



Proofreader, copy-writer and copy-editor