Watching the riots spread across Britain this month was truly vile. I wanted to be part of the Broom Army, pulling together to show the rioters that what they did was unacceptable and ‘we’d’ fight back.

But I’m in Austria, so there wasn’t much cleaning up for me to do. In solidarity, I followed the clean-up on RiotCleanup, then spotted RiotRebuild a day later.

As part of my day job I write for Lakeside-Hire, an at-height equipment hire company in … go figure … Lakeside. For the last year I’ve updated their Facebook fanpage daily with news about the construction industry around London, so I’ve become pretty on the ball with what’s happening in the world of building stuff. And it’s fascinating. I may have become just a teeny bit geeky about it, truth be told.

When RiotRebuild put a call out for writers, I jumped at the chance — finally a way to help out 🙂 I could use my knowledge of the London construction industry AND sate my need to help my fellow countrymen…women…people.

So, to cut a fairly dull story, shortish, my first article — about getting free legal advice to the victims of the riots — is now live. Hoorah.

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