Finally the secret to improving writing has been revealed. What would you say it is?

Add more figurative language? Use ‘bigger’ words? Do more research? Write more? Write less? Cram in more keywords?

Nope, none of those!

It’s generally accepted that, for online purposes, less is more; that careful word choice is critical; and that aptly placed keywords help those frantic little search bots crawl their busy way through your writing.

But all of that is not even close in importance next to copybloggers’ secret.

In his blog, Larry Brooks claims that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how you write, or how hard you to try prove this wrong – you won’t!

The Rule of 24 is simple, easy to implement and only has one minor downside (that I can see!).

Quite simply, leave whatever it is you have written for 24 hours. Write your little heart out then walk away, turn your back, and ignore it for a full day. Whether you’ve written a report, a novel, a poem, a post or a blog, Brooks tells us to leave it 24 hours before letting anyone see it.

And therein lays the only teeny-tiny downside that I can see … patience! To leave this now for 24 hours will drive me nuts!

Can I do it?

Brooks’ claim that everything is better after 24 hours it absolutely just, in my opinion, but can it fit into our fast-paced world where everyone expects everything to be done now, today … yesterday!?

Proofreader, copy-writer and copy-editor

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