Wasn’t it easy at school? You wrote a first draft, your teacher corrected it and told you how to make it better and that was that — you got a good grade, (or you didn’t!) but ultimately it didn’t really matter … not in the great scheme of things.

Now your words stand for you, they represent you in this massive cyber world that houses an infinite number of potential clients. It can be incredibly daunting to sit down and write, can’t it? Have you written your website yet or is it lingering around awaiting the words to fall into the right place? Are you happy that your website’s words create the image you want to project?

The wonder of words is that they can be shunted around, introduced to other words and make happy families; there’s always a way to do it well, but it’s not always an easy journey to get there.

One thing I learnt as a teacher was that working together on something (both with colleagues and with student) is a wonderful experience that often reaps rewards and enables you to thrash out ideas which may not even have occurred to you working alone.

Maybe it’s writers’ block that’s hampering you, maybe you can write but the words aren’t playing ball and are all barging in in the wrong order. There’s always a way around it.

How do you write? Do you ‘compose’ or do you dash something off and make changes when you see them – do you even care about mistakes?

Proofreader, copy-writer and copy-editor

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