i wondered this morning what it would be like to write a post with no punctuation whatsoever and also see how easy id find it to do amazingly even in just this sentence ive already tried five times to add a capital or an apostrophe oops and  there again i tried to stick in a fullstop how do you find it to read the post what goes through your mind as youre reading it do you feel there is a need for the punctuation or do you understand the whole post without those lovely little signposts wow this is like trying to stop a sneeze whenever i want to use correct punctuation i feel like i have an itch on the bottom of my foot and im wearing snowboard boots with my hands wrapped in gloves and there is absolutely no option of scratching well thats how it feels for me to write with no punctuation right now for example im gagging to start not only a new sentence but also a new paragraph but i know how utterly dreadful reading this must be having written it id be intrigued to see how you punctuate it and see whether the lack of punctuation has effected the way you read it do you think im allowed a fullstop at the end at the very least or even a question mark oh gadzooks

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